Puppy Training

When you have a puppy, you want it to have the best start in life. This is also very important, because during the puppy phase the dog learns all the social skills needed to get along well with people and other dogs. In this course you, as an owner, will learn how to best approach daily situations in the life of your puppy.

We have chosen to train in an outdoor environment. Our course lays the foundation for training your dog. During this course we will discuss your puppy's behavior. Questions we address during the course include: What do I do if my puppy no longer wants to walk outside? How do I deal with other dogs? When do I offer my puppy support? How long can I walk with my puppy?

The Course Package

The Puppy Training package consists of 8 classes of each 45 minutes and is given once a week. The total costs for the package is € 130,-. The classes are at the Sloterpark. Further details about the course are send after registration.  Group size is a maxmum 4-6 people. After succesfully completing the course you will receive a certificate.  

Course Program

We will work with you as an owner on the socialization of your puppy. How can you best approach this? What is wise and what is not? During this course you will receive practical information about raising your puppy. All topics are covered. There is plenty of time to ask questions during the classes, because we train in small groups. All basic exercises for puppies will be covered during this course. 

We do not have a waiting list and you can start at any moment. The first lesson is a trial for € 20,-

Location and Time

Location Time
Sunday Sloterpark 10.00 - 10.45 hours
Sunday Sloterpark 11.30 - 12.15 hours