Why Minerva?

Minerva wasn't just chosen as a random name for our dog training. Minerva represents wisdom, vigilance and inguinity. These are three qualities that every dog trainer should invest in. The wisdom to choose a correct training method, the vigilance that we teach the dog the appropiate behaviour, and the inguinity to adapt the method to what the owner and dog need in that moment. Our dog training invests in all these things and that is something that makes us proud!

Furthermore, the pedigree name of Luna, the dog of one of our owners, has as pedigree name Minerva McGonagall. She is a very special dog.

Who are we?

Natasja Kragten, MSc

My name is Natasja and I am a certified Dog Trainer. I give personal training, puppy training, basic obedience 1 and 2. It is my mission to improve the bond between owner and dog by providing fun, pleasant and functional trainings for owner and dog.

The behaviour of dogs is very fascinating and teaching gives me a lot of energy. In the past I've had a labrador and Belgian Shepherd. Now I have a Lancashire Heeler named Luna and a Welsh Corgi Pembroke named Aiden. Luna is my little friend who also accompanies me during all my schooling. I also follow detection with her. Aiden is the newest addition. He is still very young and a very open and a tough little puppy!

I like to immerse myself in the latest developments in the field of dog training and regularly follow courses, lectures and workshops from O&O, Tinley Academy, Annorlunda, Argos and Raad van Beheer.  

Angela Kragten, BSc

My name is Angela. I am a certified Dog trainer and Detection instructor. I give personal training, puppy course, basic obedience 1 and detection.  

My mission is to show people that every dog is unique and to guide people. I want to bring out the best in people and dog combinations. 

I've had dogs all my life. From a Jack Russell, to a Belgian Shepherd and now I own a Lancashire Heeler named Zoë. She performs extremely well in detection and I also practice a lot with obedience.

I regularly follow courses at O&O, Tinley Academy, Annorlunda, Argos and Raad van Beheer in order to broaden my knowledge. Dog behaviour is extremely fascinating!


We are affiliated with Raad van Beheer and we have obtained our degree for Dog trainer at O&O. We have been teaching for several years now before we decided to open our own dog school to help people train their dogs. This last part is very important to us, because we ourselves had dogs with extreme anxiety. We have now followed various courses at accredited institutions and we will continue to do so in order to broaden our knowledge. As a result, we have seen a variety of training methods. We are aware of the latest insights. Our courses and workshops are followed at O&O, Argos Scentwork Academy, Knowledge Center Argos, Annorlunda Kynological Knowledge Center, Tinley Academy, Raad van Beheer, Doggo and Kynoflow.