Basic Obedience 2

You have completed the Basic Obedience 1 course with your dog or followed training elsewhere, but you want to know more about the behavior of your dog and you want to continue the training. Then this is the perfect course for you and your dog! During this course we will go a step further: you will learn even more about dog behavior and how best approach different situations. In addition, the foundation for various exercises was set during Basic Obedience 1. Now we will take all these exercises one step further and apply these exercises in different contexts.

Practical information Basic Obedience 2 

The Basic Obedience 2 course package consists of 10 lessons of 45 minutes each and is given once a week. The total cost for the Basic Obedience 2 package is € 150. The lessons are given in the Sloterpark. Further course information will be sent upon registration. The group size per class is a maximum of 4-6 students. After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Course Package

This course is an extension of the Basic Obedience 1 course. You have set the foundation and during this course you will go a step further. Exercises will be offered at a higher level, but always in a positive and fun way adapted to the level of the dog. During this course you will work on the bond with your dog and learn to understand and read your dog even better. So that you are better prepared for certain situations.

We do not have a waiting list and you can start at any moment. The first lesson is a trial for € 20,-

Location and time

Location Time
Sunday Sloterpark 10.45 - 11.30 hours