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No classes during Pentecost

19th of May 2024

The classes on the 19th of May, the first day of Pentecost, are cancelled. We wish everyone a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing everyone next week for fun classes!

Raad van Beheer Knowledge Tour: Help the overstimulated dog

18th of May 2024

Last Wednesday we went to the Knowledge Tour of the Raad van Beheer. The topic: Help the overstimulated dog. The lecture was given by Monique Bladder and Erica Bokelmann. The topic was overstimulation in dogs. When are we talking about overstimulation and especially when is it something else than overstimulationt? Dogs are often called overstimulated, but there are really big nuances in this and not every dog is overstimulated. It was an interesting lecture and we learned a lot from it!

Masterclass: Pain

11th of May 2024

Today we followed an interesting course at Annorlunda on the topic: Pain in dogs. Everyone recognizes acute pain. The dog clearly shows that something hurts. Most often, the dog will also whine from fright and if he stepped in something, the paw will go up!

With chronic pain it is a different story. A dog with chronic pain experiences pain for a longer period of time and the signs are less clear. Because a dog cannot talk, it is up to us to recognize pain in a dog as much as possible. Today we attended a day of lessons on chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. Theory and practice were combined to create an interesting day full of new insights!