There are many organizations within the dog world where you can go for questions, legislation or information. We have made a list of a few websites for you that may help you on your way or that we as dog trainers are affiliated with.

On the Raad van Beheer website you can find everything about dog breeds, clubs, sports and all kinds of other topics. RVB is actively involved in legislation and regulations in The Netherlands. Our instructors are registered with the Raad van Beheer.

Sometimes the dog's behavior becomes problematic and unwanted behavior such as aggression, excessive fear or unnecessary barking can arise. In this case, expert advice and personal help is highly desirable and a Dog Behavioral Therapist can offer a solution. A certified Dog Behavioral Therapist is also often reimbursed through insurance. Recognized Dog Behavioral Therapists are affiliated with the Dutch Association of Dog Behavioral Therapists.

Another well-known association where recognized Dog Behavioral Therapists are affiliated is the SPPD, Foundation Platform for Professional Animal Behavior Experts.

The Dutch Association for Instructors in Dog Education and Training is a training institute where our trainers obtained their degree as Dog Trainer.