Detection is for anyone who wants to do something with their dog's nose! During detection we use one of the best basic needs of a dog: sniffing!

Because the dog will really use the nose, detection is a great satisfying mental challenge. It is therefore not surprising that a dog is satisfied and tired after a detection lesson!

So do you have a dog that you want to give a fun challenge? Are you also interested in the dog's nose? Or do you have a dog from whom you think could use up some of that energy? Or do you have a dog of senior age? Do you have a dog with physical problems? Then this is the course for you!

What will we do with you during the detection lesson? We are going to teach your dog a specific scent. Your dog will learn to recognize this scent and your will distinguish it from other scents. As soon as the dog detects this scents, the dog will learn to localize it to the specific location and indicate to the owner where exactly the scent is located. The hiding place for the scent source can be anything! Whether it is a car, somewhere in an outdoor or indoor environment, wall, tree, it doesn't matter. We are going to apply all possible variations! This is what makes detection so much fun.

Practical Information Detection

Detection is given in the form of private lessons, each lasting 30 minutes. We work with strip cards with a validity of 3 months, where you can book 5 lessons via a booking system at a date and time that suits you. The price of a strip card of 5 lessons is €98,-