Certified Dog trainer Natasja Kragten

My name is Natasja. As a teenager I was already extremely curious and wanted to know exactly how everything worked. So I chose a career in science and studied molecular biology (genetics) at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, and then continued my education in Medical Biology at Utrecht University.

Years later I'm still working in science. Here I do research in cancer and my daily work involves designing  specialized cells (CAR-T cells) for people with cancer.

I have grown up with dogs. I also wanted to work with dogs and their owners. My first dog was Boelie and I started training with him in my teenage years. After this I had several dogs. But Kyran (the dog that started it all) has a special place in my heart. Kyran was a Tervueren Shepherd with extreme anxiety. As an owner you run into a wall. Suddenly you don't have enough knowledge to help your best friend.

I didn't want this anymore. That's why I decided to become a dog trainer. My previous education has helped me enormously. After taking several courses, I now understand where certain behavior comes from and I understand my dogs better. We are very happy together

I currently have 2 dogs. Luna, a Lancashire Heeler lady, who has accompanied me on many training courses. Together with Luna I am currently following detection at Argos Scentwork Academy. The other one is Aiden, Aiden is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke teenager. I followed the Puppy Course and Basic Obedience 1 with Aiden.


  • Certified Dog trainer at O&O
  • First Aid course for dogs at Kynoflow
  • Detection Instructor at Argos Scentwork Academy
  • Module 1: Basic knowledge Nosework at Tinley Academy
  • Behavioral therapist in Training at Annorlunda