Basic Obedience 1

During Basic Obedience 1 course we will teach you to understand your dog better. During the Basic Obedience 1 classes we will explore dog behaviour and how to handle certain situations. We will provide a solid base for different excersises. We train exclusively using a positive manner.

Practical information Basic Obedience 1

Our Basic Obedience 1 course package consists of 8 classes, which are given once per week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. The costs of the Basic Obedience 1 package is € 130,-. The classes will be given at the Sloterpark. Detailed course information will be provided upon registration. We uphold a maximum group size of 4-6 people. After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Exercises that are discussed and further developed during this course:

  • Attention from your dog
  • Playing with your dog
  • Stand, sit and lie down
  • Re-call in different situations
  • Wait / stand still
  • Relaxed walking with the dog
  • Teaching the word 'no' in different situations
  • Body care
  • Dealing with other dogs and people
  • Discuss common practice situations


We do not have a waiting list and work with flexible entry.


Location Time slot
Sunday Sloterpark 10.45 - 11.30 hrs