Certified Dog Trainer Angela Kragten

Hi, my name is Angela. Just like Natasja, I also work in science, although my path to get there was different. As a child I really wanted to study Volcanology, but there are no real volcanoes in the Netherlands. So I decided to delve into biology. This is how I eventually ended up at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and decided to study Microbiology.

I started working at Orthopedics as a research technician and spent years researching osteoarthritis and bone fractures. Later I started to research the immune system, which I am still working on today


My passion for dogs started because I grew up with dogs. When I got Furen, a Tervueren shepherd, my world changed. He had extreme anxiety and I hated seeing this. I wanted to give him a carefree life. Experiencing this personally gave me the desire to learn more about dogs and also help owners with their dogs.

So I went back to the study books and delved into everything that has to do with dogs. I also got a dog myself, Zoë, a Lancashire Heeler and her cheerfulness ensures that I go happy through life! I take detection classes with Zoë and have taken various obedience courses.


  • Certified Dog trainer at O&O
  • First Aid course for dogs at Kynoflow
  • Detection Instructor at Argos Scentwork Academy
  • Module 1: Basic knowledge Nosework at Tinley Academie
  • Behavioral therapist in Training at Annorlunda