Puppy Training

You want to provide the best possible start in life for your puppy. Of course this is very important, because your puppy needs to be taught the social skills needed to interact with people and other dogs. During this course we will teach you how you can guide your puppy through different types of situations that you will encounter during daily life.

We have chosen to give the puppy training in an outdoor environment, because this is the basis for raising a stable dog. Questions that we can answer with outdoor training are, for example: What do I do if my puppy no longer wants to walk? How do I approach other dogs with my puppy? When do I offer my puppy support? How long can I walk with my puppy?

Practical information Puppy Training

Our puppy course package consists of 8 lessons of 45 minutes each and is given once a week. The total cost for this package is €130. The lessons will be given at Sloterpark. Detailed course information will be provided upon registration. We uphold a maximum group size of 4-6 people. After successfully completing the course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Exercises covered in this course:

  • Socialization
  • Clicker word
  • Attention from your dog
  • Playing with your dog
  • Stand, sit and lie down
  • Re-call during different types of situations
  • Waiting
  • Relaxed walking with the dog 
  • Teaching the word 'no' in different situations
  • Body care
  • Discussing common daily situations


We do not have a waiting list and work with flexible entry.


Location Time slot
Sunday Sloterpark 10.00 - 10.45 hrs